Oito décadas de abstração informal

MAM-SP 2018

"Curated by Lauro Cavalcanti and Felipe Chaimovich, the exhibition brings together over 80 works from two of the most important collections in this field in Brazil, and marks the beginning of a partnership between the museum and the Rio de Janeiro institution; precursors of the movement, such as Maria Martins, Antonio Bandeira, Iberê Camargo, Manabu Mabe, Tomie Ohtake, Vieira da Silva, and more recent representatives including Jorge Guinle, Fábio Miguez, Paulo Monteiro, Nuno Ramos, Angelo Venosa and Lucia Laguna, are among the 38 names which comprise the show.

The exhibition creates a chronological organization of the Brazilian informal abstraction. This movement is characterized by the expression of the artist's gestures, whether with the materials of painting or sculpture; as a result, each artist's style becomes unique. With magnificent and colorful paintings, the architecture was responsible for equilibrating the density of with the visual comfort of the public."

Eight decades of informal abstraction
MAM Sao Paulo, 2018.

curators: Lauro Cavalcanti and Felipe Chaimovich

my role: Exhibition Designer at Andrade Morettin