Câmera Aberta
Michael Wesely

Instituto Moreira Salles (IMS Paulista)
September 2017


Câmera aberta is a project by German artist Michael Wesely started in 2014 and commissioned by IMS. Wesely installed six cameras on the façades of the buildings around the IMS Paulista construction site, capturing continuous images of the four sides of the building under construction. The four images of the project and one of the original cameras are shown at the Studio, the space on the upper floor of IMS Paulista. As the images are fixed directly to the concrete wall, we have developed a unique fixture to protect the wall and ensure the stability of the work.

IMS Sao Paulo, 2017-2018.
curator: Thyago Nogueira
photographer: Pedro Vannucchi
architecture: Andrade Morettin

my role: exhibition design