CCCP Gift Shop

2019 End of the Year Show
Columbia GSAPP

The M.S. CCCP in architecture is a program that extends beyond traditional modes of professional practice and academic scholarship. It recognizes that architectural production is multi-faceted and diverse. Here in the microcosm of this contemporary, this work reimagines the program production in the setting of a museum gift shop. What are the economies of these projects today? As we attempt to push the boundaries of architectural practice, can we simultaneously poke fun at and poke holes in the ever-commodification of work?

My role: coordinator of installation, mediating the group’s ideas with the GSAPP Exhibition’s office.
Jumanah Abbas, Fernanda Carlovich, Axelle Dechelette, Francesca Johanson, Zoe Kauder Nalebuff, Emma Macdonald, Isabelle Tan, Alexandra Tell, Jose Luis Villanueva, Chenchen Yan.
Columbia GSAPP End of Year Show